Live my love


Today, one my way home from work, I am sitting in the comfy warmth of my car, and the day has turned dark outside. I have my headphones on, listening to a song about daring to love. I think it's just beautiful. As I listen I hear her sing that the greatest thing was to be loved.... It pauses my thoughts... Is it? I remember some years ago I felt I found a deep truth in myself when I discovered that the greatest gift I was given in life, was to be able to love. At the time, I thought of being able to love as opposed to being loved, which I had perhaps thought until then, was the greatest gift of my life.
Now I remembered a man I recently met. He was old, and his body was worn down to the very bone. He had lived a life taken care of his mother and three younger siblings after his father was killed when he was only seven. He had through his life acted with harshness and what seemed to be bitterness, but now he was just filled with sorrow. He said, he would have liked to have shared his life with someone. He would have liked to love, I thought.
If we are love at the core of our being, then I believe we always love. This is our natural state. But sometimes, we move through life and we loose connection to live our love. We loose the connection to be able to act from and with love. As, I sat in the car realizing this, I thought, that not being able to live our love is truly the most sad state I can think of....
So, I think that we are love and that our greatest gift is being able to live our love.