Skriv og andre tanker

So, what I really want to share, is my discovering, that in the absence of fear, we feel love.       
And I do believe, it is love that we come from. It is love that we are.

Sweet relay


Standing in front -
the mountain
of other voices -
I get so deaf.
I bow my head
I hide away.
Inner sanctuary
sweet relay
of that which
was always here to stay.
A stir - a shift
something warm
feet beckoning me to stand
lift my gaze...

Shiny Shoes


It can be very painful to loose oneself to the order, of what we perceive to be the order of the world. It can happen so gradually, that we don't really notice. It just feels slightly uncomfortable to begin with. Like a slight tremble through the body of something we can't quite put the finger on.

The Dance


...and after dancing and feeling I let go. Feeling the rhythm of the body, as it moved towards and away from another- sweet scented body - after feeling want and desire rise in me to an almost irresistible physical demand - I felt the magic of my insides. I felt that it IS true, that the magic we carry, that...



There is nothing less.... warm hands to hold .... Sweet.....

Really Real


When we cut it all down to what is really real, there is nothing more than love. But it seems that in order to really feel it, we must really feel all the others things which are not really real at all; fear, hurt, loss, anger, resentment, frustration, grief, guilt..... And sometimes these emotions seems to come all at once...