Skriv og andre tanker

So, what I really want to share, is my discovering, that in the absence of fear, we feel love.       
And I do believe, it is love that we come from. It is love that we are.

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Angels dont cry
angels fly high
holding your light
when life gets tight.
I am a human
standing in the dark
seeking to hold
my light, your light
and with a bit of luck
a light for the world.
My back is hunched
my skin is creased
my hands are frail...

The human face


To extent
even for the slightest moment.
To reach out and further
than the ego's lure
Ohh what sacred bliss!
Light simmering all around
Arms and hearts entangled
No one left unseen
Moments hanging freely
for all to take and hold.

And underneath and above
are human hearts:
bleeding yet beating strong.
For all I know
nothing is more beautiful...



There is an anchor thrown in such a way
you cannot lose it.
Some seek it
as if it was truth itself
others are never aware
of the power it holds.

I go to sea
over and over again.
I get lost....
I find heavenly shores.
At times I dive so deep...



The crescendo of life going increasingly
faster faster and faster
while we hold
on and on and on.
Until something rises from within....
or perhaps it snaps
like the crack from shattered bones.
A sound so loud
moving over and under
the incessant rhythm
of veins running wild.
Like a luminescent cloud...

At sea


As on the darkest sea....drifting with arms limp. Quite. Still....knowing that there is no more to know but loads to find out....longing for things that cannot be seen.....quite smile while sinking....wondering if this is actually floating.

We could have left
the realms of reason
my love.
We could have flown on the wings
of make believe and bewildered beasts.
Left tomorrow for years to come
basked in now
with open palms.
But you would not have it
stayed with shapes
of logic
too vivid for anything to survive. ...



Did you feel him?
Did you take him in?
Smell, sense, softest touch?
Did you feel the loneness when his gaze wandered?
Did you savour the love
when he went miles and miles
in heart and body to meet just you?