Shiny Shoes


It can be very painful to loose oneself to the order, of what we perceive to be the order of the world. It can happen so gradually, that we don't really notice. It just feels slightly uncomfortable to begin with. Like a slight tremble through the body of something we can't quite put the finger on.

 And then the mood starts to change. We become more sceptic, negative, naive or withdrawn. Perhaps our health starts to decline and maybe eventually, we even get seriously ill.

Then, there comes a time, where we can make the shift. In that proces, we realise how far we have moved away, from the very being, that we truly are. This can be such a liberating and yet such a painful awakening.

And as we move back to who we are, and towards new ways of being and living, we can meet wonderful people who will help us make the shift. Our family and friends will perhaps cheer us on, or perhaps in some way leave us, in the face of change. They might offer advice or opinions on who we truly are, or which way to go. It can be a storm in it self to stand in well meant advice.

And perhaps right there in the midst of recreation, of that which has always been, in the midst of well meant and sometimes wise advice, we have to find our own ground. It can be daunting to finally stand tall in your own shoes.... But oh how they shine...