Did you feel her? 
Did you take her in? 
Smell, sense, softest touch. 
Did you feel the sting
when her words lacerated your back? 
Did you savour the love
when her being was all set on you?

Did you feel him?
Did you take him in? 
Smell, sense, softest touch? 
Did you feel the loneness when his gaze wandered? 
Did you savour the love 
when he went miles and miles
in heart and body to meet just you? 

... And as the day turns to night

I sit all still
wondering about the dance of love
leaving out the words of enlightened souls. 
Body, mind and soul
aching to let go
To reach a point of no return
beyond 'ought to' 
beyond right and wrong 
To a point of sheer being and meeting

'cuz this is who we are.