In the Quiet


'It's in the quite she feels it.

Slowly, like hundreds of Years unfolding, her heart opens in tenderness and a gentle kiss of grief.

I won't run anymore, she whispers. I have no name, I come from nowhere and I will go nowhere. But here I stand, my body tall and my heart glowing of all there was and all there will be. If you want, you can sit down with me. Let you head rest on the warm red sand. Close your eyes. Let go and be more present in every fibre of your being, that you have ever been before. Listen to the stories I've heard while traveling through realms of hearts. Stories that left me baffled, speechless, in awe and with a tenderness of my heart... Stories that tells of how the human kind is capable of greater things than we ever really truly see. I saw people reaching out to grab, to hold, to wipe a tear, to offer an embrace. I saw a man getting so lost it almost drove him mad, only to find truth, love and universal understanding with the dog he bought of a homeless man. He taught me lessons that broke my heart, just so it could grow even more.

I saw a woman run faster than any gepard to find peace for her children. I saw a doctor offering every awaken hour to listen to hurting souls and aching bodies. I saw a man holding the door for the love of his life. I saw a son reaching out to hold his father's hand, as he past away. I saw young men offering their sanity, decency and their health in order to serve something they thought bigger than themselves.

I saw no truths. I saw no final endings. I saw a glimpse of what my heart is now full of.

So I don't run anymore. ''