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I rest my soul
at the trunk of the tree.
I lean back and let the silence of the air
The whisper of the leaves
The sweet smell of change
Sourround me and encompass my being.
Somewhere a voice inside me is awoken.
I do not fully understand its language
but I surrender peacefully to it….
Somehow I know it will lead me gently to world’s I do not know. I will see it in the faces of the men who love so gently, in the faces of women that spread the body & souls around the once they love.
I will see it in the laughing curios eyes of the woman who shows me the way when I am standing bewildered at the curb.
I will feel it in the tiny hands that slips into my hand and shows me a universe of being, just being.
I breathe. I feel a tickling and warmth in my body. Sweet sweet sweet surrender.

Son of God

As a broken man he stands with his head bowed in misery.   Shoulders hanging, legs giving way to nothing. Falling to the ground he cries out: I am a son of God. With all I am: frail, frustrated and full a fury, I am a son of God. And his head turns towards the sky, nothing there to grab, but he looks at all that tries to grab him and yells: No no no…. Go away! I AM A SON OF GOD! Angels  dance around my Childrens bed at night, love beckons me to sleep with soft kisses and a warm and tender body next to mine. I am a son of God. Don’t you see??! Don’t you see the scars I ve earned? Don’t you see the scars I so wish I wouldn’t have given?!! Do you see the joy in my parents eyes? Do you feel the love in the hearts of my children? There are roads I wish I hadn’t walked, cuz they caused great pain and distress for the ones I love. There are words I wished I never heard as they cut right through my Armour and made it heavy. There are sights I wished I saw more clearly so I could have led us all out of harms way…. But I did not know how!…. Yet every day I stretch out my hands and heart to offer any comfort they might give….Don’t you see? I am a son of God!