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No…or should I say yes…

I do not believe in evil.

So there it is.

I have thought about this for a while. Listened to american voices proclaim evil lives and acts through people. Even that evil people exist. I have listen and heard spiritual teachers say that evil is always present, but that we can choose to let the light and love win. I have heard priest say that evil can sneak up on you at any time ….even while you ponder about the late afternoon sun through the autumn clouds, it can come right through your windows and embody you soul.

But I dont believe it. I believe that our souls are only love. I believe that the core of our being is very simple and complex at the same time, but that it consist, basically, of love. What ever the soul, mind and body structure really is, I do believe that it stems from pure love. Children show it to us so easily. They act with care, love and compassion, even towards things or situations they do not understand. They only judge when they themselves have been judged, hurt, not seen, misunderstood, mistreated or in some other way have been led away from who the truly are.

So I do not belive in evil.

That doesn’t mean that we do not experience some events or some acts as evil. I do believe we do. But these events or acts must stem from something else than an person who is evil at heart. Hurt, misbelieve, abuse, neglect or perhaps loneliness….or…. basically some kind of hurt to who we are….They must stem from experiences that somehow lead us away from who we truly are, and into some corner that we somehow feel we cannot escape.

So acts can be perceived as evil. Change and the way things happen can be perceived as not good or even bad…..but I believe that at the core of our being we are nothing but love.

So there you have it……live with it….you are a being of God, of the wholeness that is the human race. The wholeness that is the planet earth…the wholeness that is the universe…..omg…..I think I’ll sit still and listen to the music now…..Love to us all……


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